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xxxx Buell X1 White Lightning with 15,600 miles. It gets a lot of attention when I take it out, more than I expected. I get asked all the time is EFI, not carbs, and the blue headers are factory ceramic coated. Carfax is clean, but I never trust those anyways. I never drive in the rain, nor let it see any. This is just a fun bike for me, though I think I ride like a grandpa, no offense to any of the grandpas out there. I have had it for about 4 years, and put right at xxxx miles on it since I got it. This bike is completely ready to ride as is.In preparation for selling I just changed rear brake pads with sintered HH compound, changed all brake fluid with ATE Type 200 racing fluid, oil filter and fluid with 20W50 Valvoline VR1 Racing oil. Within the past year/xxxx miles I have replaced the primary fluid, drive belt from Harley Davidson, tires with Michelin Pilot Power 3 tires that have progressive tread compound for long cruising life but fun in the turns, and since the wheels were off I replaced both front and rear wheel bearings, and wait for it.....the battery! I can't count how many listing state all good but then it needs a can you be all good if you can't even start!?Not long after I purchased the bike I replaced both rocker cover gasket sets and starter seal with updated metal impregnated style gaskets from Harley Davidson so it will never need them again. I also had to replace the front brakes so I went with EBC stainless drilled rotors, and EBC sintered HH pads.Service Life remaining on misc.Tires: 90% remainingFront Brakes: 50% remainingRear Brakes: 100% remainingEngine oil: 100% remainingPrimary Fluid: 75% remainingCoolant:........haha!The only bad the bike has is that the front fork seals seap a little. I have been using a small absorbent band to keep it from getting the bike dirty (white wheels) and usually change it every year. So it hasn't warranted me replacing them.Price is $xxxx OBO,No rides unless cash (CASH) is in my hand.YouTube: walk around and start up. for looking at my add, have a great one!804-832-xxxx